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Agri Consultancy

  • Development Model for particular crop
  • Pan-India analytical survey for particular crop
  • Study of economics of competitive crops
  • Feasibility report
  • Varietal evaluation
  • Varietal trails through random block
  • Design & assessment in various aspects i.e. yield, pest-deisease tolerance, seasonal adaptability etc.
  • Evaluation of farm mechanization & equipments
  • Test products and implements
  • We established a professionally run hi-tech custom hiring center in the state in order to facilitate easy availability of tractors and other imported hi-tech equipment like pneumatic precision planters for farmers on custom hiring basis
  • Agri-tech development evaluation
  • Applied research
  • Practical and effective implementation of technology
  • Research natural resources
  • Market-driven research activities
  • Device new agriculture strategies
  • Enable proper farmer feedback