In a highly competitive and regulated industry like food processing, consultation services serve as invaluable allies for businesses seeking to thrive. As a trailblazer in the field of food consultancy and agricultural advisory services in India FOV brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to address industry-specific challenges, ensuring that companies can meet consumer demands, navigate regulatory landscapes, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our dedicated team of food technologists and engineers excels in reimagining food plants, processes, and machinery. We offer in-house solutions that feature state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories equipped with advanced capabilities in material handling, scanning, time and motion studies, and utility auditing. These resources empower us to enhance our clients’ production and output efficiency significantly.



Identification of location

Raw material is the foundation of finished food products. Team of experts help to assess raw material availability, development strategies for qualitative and quantitative development of local geography, local sourcing, handling methods and logistics, Location of plant and required compliances.
FOV assists our clients in the identification of plant location, considering factors such as plant to market, raw material, utility service, legal affairs and market forces.

Feasibility study

Based on our market understanding and experience, we shall provide market assessment, business, technical, commercial and financial understanding to arrive at a project estimate and plan for the researched business ideas. This would include the document to capture following aspects:

  • Product profiling.
  • Supply chain requirements.
  • Desired manpower planning ,organization structure.
  • Freeze funding requirements.

Technical requirement assessment

With more than 2 decades of experience in advisory services for food business, Fresh-O-veg has gained a wide range of expertise to perfectly comprehend the needs of any small, mid or large scale business and its requirements. Site basic layout based on the scale of the product, processing unit design and assessment of engineering requirements. Selection of all process and associated machinery and equipment synchronization, engineering and procurement of raw material

Time & motion study

Detailed observation & analysis of existing operations to capture & document the following aspects :

  • Process Study.
  • Tuning production capacities.
  • Planning and task optimization.
  • Productivity improvement.
  • Efficiency improvement via scale economies and detailed division of labor.
  • Time spent in going through the different motions of a job or series of jobs.
  • Means of improving the methods of work by subdividing the different operations of a job into measurable elements.

Basis of Design report

  • Production details
  • Broader RM, PM and FG analysis
  • RM and Inventory
  • Packaging material inventory
  • FG inventory
  • FG dispatch Bay / station requirement
  • Receiving station’s Bay requirement
  • Workforce requirements


Architectural Design Services

  • Providing architectural design through all project stages: pre-design, concept design, schematic and detailed design.
  • Design of the plant buildings, ancillary buildings, roads, worker accommodations, interiors, hardscape and landscapes.
  • Design of R&D facilities and Labs, showrooms, and other facilities.
  • Coordination of utilities and civil elements using 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Electrical engineering services

  • Preparation of Electrical design basis and electrical load list based on standards and requirements.
  • Designing of large Switchyards, HT & LT Power Distribution, Lighting Solutions and lighting controlling system as per latest standards
  • State-of-the-art IBMS provisions, Power System analysis and Energy Conservation are some fields where we provide knowledge based Electrical Design Services.

Structural engineering services

  • Structural design as per Indian and international standards like Euroodes and ASCE standards.
  • Analyzing the soil investigation report to decide the optimal depth and type of the footing.
  • Fetching civil requirements and coordination with machine suppliers to design machine requirements.
  • Industrial floor design as per load requirements, as well as non-plant structures such as roads, tanks, utility buildings, etc.

HVAC & R engineering services

  • Designing of natural and mechanical Ventilation system as per requirements and atmospheric conditions.
  • Implementing various kinds of Air conditioning systems for ambient control & process requirements upon Techo-commercial comparison.
  • Calculation of Heat loads, air distribution & balancing, Air Handling Unit sizing, Duct interfacing, and selection of chillers.

Mechanical Utility engineering services

  • Compressed air system, process cooling through water chilling, heater system for process heating, steam system, gas and HSD system installation requirements.
  • Calculation of capital equipment and evaluation of utilities to prepare Basis of Design reports
  • Equipment layout preparation, interference clearance and all other mechanical utilities design as per national and international design and material standards.

Construction Management services

  • This Service plays a primary part in the execution of the Project to ensure that the Designs from the Drawings are converted into reality within agreed time schedule, Budgeted cost & as per the desired/ specified quality.
  • In depth Reporting at regular Intervals, day-to-day site supervision, Bill Checking & Certification, Schedule monitoring, Contract management & closure are some activities undertaken here.


Product development/ Lab setup

  • Understanding target group and geographical teste/ bite/ color and packaging.
  • Assistance of raw material in the geography.
  • Development of product with multiple technology.
  • Appropriate of teste/ bite/ color with technology.
  • Development of NPD center.
  • Shelf life testing.
  • Recipe development and process protocol.

Standardization of recipes standardization services include

  • Specification of raw material/handling of raw material.
  • Recipe management.
  • Development of QA and QC parameters for SOP.
  • Development of SOP for process & process flow.
  • Development of SOP for packaging and storage.
  • Finished goods transportation protocol.

New Product Development (NPD)

Requirements to carry out systematic sampling of food samples, conduct chemical, microbiological tests and testing of packaging materials to ascertain the quality of food. It covers the tests performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods. Infrastructure and accommodation and related requirements are as follows:

  • Design of Lab for Testing of Raw Material and Finished Goods.
  • Equipment and instrumentsUtilities.
  • Environment condition, safety and related conditions.
  • New Product development.