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Food For Thought – Thought For Food

Our Passion for food, agro, experience, expertise & innovative approach, have all added value in the eco space. Here’s a Taste…

Were the 1st in india to design a cold storage for process grade potatoes, ensuring year round availability in factories.

At Priniti, Pragati and Panjawani, we automated the water cycle of the potato chip line, reducing consumption of water from 7500 to 2500 ltr/hr.

While providing end-to-end solutions, we synchronized the whole process from automatic doughing to automated cartoning in Indian ethnic namkeen.

Mechanized & automated clay roasting of peanuts at Bhrigu Foods (Jabson) – increased capacity, decreased time, manpower & improved hygiene.

For Haldiram Prabhuji

we designed Namkeen mechanization & automation in the existing infrastructure, increasing capacity from 1,500 to the top 6 corporate investors in pharma & biotech | pitchbook 13,000 kgs/hr

Cone Shaped Bhatura

We introduced the cone shaped Bhatura, Pav and Naan for Cones & Curries, making it possible to sell Chhole and Bhature together.

For Priniti Foods

Worked as technical & strategic consultant to increase business of Priniti Foods from INR 15crINR 100cr in 4 years.

Our Services


Farm Management Services

From sowing of seeds to the supply of the produce, Fresh-o-veg provides a seamless chain to facilitate quality to the consumer and a better price for farmers.

Consultancy Services

We provide end to end consultancy services to food processing companies’ right from plant setup to production development, packaging, marketing, distribution and branding.


Procurement Management Services

With a pan India presence, Team FOV is an excellent craftsman in supplying you the best quality agro products like potatoes, onion and garlic etc anytime … anywhere…

Served As Per Your Taste!

  • New Entrants Into The Agriculture Business And Those Wanting To Diversify Or Expand Agro Businesses
  • International Clients Who Want To Come To India And Start Business in The Food And Agro Arenas
  • New Entrants To The Food Business
  • Those Desiring Backward integration And Traceability Of The Food Chain
  • Existing Food Business Who Want to Expand, Diversify, Automate, Decrease Costs, etc.

Our Speciality Foods!

  • Traditional Indian Snacks
  • Western Snacks
  • Ready To Eat
  • Ready To Cook
  • Indian Sweets
  • Candies And Confectionaries
  • Frozen
  • Dehydrated
  • Vacuum Freeze
  • Pilps And Purees
  • Select Bakery Products