FOV stands as India’s foremost leader in Food Consultancy and Agricultural Advisory services. With extensive industry knowledge, we deliver comprehensive consultation services to food processing companies of all sizes.

FOV’s diverse portfolio encompasses agriculture projects, Agro-based product development, and end-to-end engineering services spanning the entire food and agro value chain.

Today, our expertise extends beyond agricultural consultancy to encompass procurement management services, post­ harvesting techniques, supply chain management, process engineering, utility engineering, financial and strategic consultancy, as well as regulatory consultancy.



In a highly competitive and regulated industry like food processing, consultation services serve cas invalucable allies for businesses seeking to thrive. As a trailblazer in the field of food consultancy and agricultural advisory services in India FOV brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to address industry-specific challenges, ensuring that companies can meet consumer demands, navigate regulatory landscapes, and achieve sustainable growth.

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In the realm of agriculture, the deployment of Agro Solutions has become instrumental in revolutionizing the way we cultivate, manage farms, and innovate in product development. The Agro Division at FOV addresses critical aspects of the agricultural sector, offering significant benefits to farmers, agribusinesses, and the broader food industry. Our agro experts provide solutions for farm produce procurement. large-scale form management and New product development.

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Reengineering within the food industry stands as a critical strcategic imperative, essentical for maintaining competitivenessand agility in response to the ever-changing marketplace.

At FOV, we leverage our extensive expertise to empower companies, enabling them to embrace adaptation, innovotion, and the delivery of productsthat harmonize with consumer preferences, regulatory mandates, ond sustainability objectives.

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  • Traditional Indian Snacks
  • Western Snacks
  • Ready To Eat
  • Ready To Cook
  • Indian Sweets
  • Candies And Confectionaries
  • Frozen
  • Dehydrated
  • Vacuum Freeze
  • Pulps And Purees
  • Select Bakery Products


  • New Entrants Into The Agriculture Business And Those Wanting To Diversify Or Expand Agro Businesses
  • International Clients Who Want To Come To India And Start Business in The Food And Agro Arenas
  • New Entrants To The Food Business
  • Those Desiring Backward integration And Traceability Of The Food Chain
  • Existing Food Business Who Want to Expand, Diversify, Automate, Decrease Costs, etc.