At FOV, we hold the conviction that quality transcends mere client expectations. We firmly believe that quality is a way of life, a principle we embody and embrace wholeheartedly. Our unwavering commitment to consistently going the extra mile in every assignment has played a pivotal role in achieving numerous significant milestones throughout our journey thus far.

Some of our achievements that we are proud of include:

  • Successful implementation of contract farming model (Quadripartite model) in the area
  • Pioneering modern methods of irrigation across the state
  • Being the member of working group of planning commission during 11th plan
  • We have been associated with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and have signed MOU as well for extension and dissemination of technology developed by the organization
  • Associated with National Research Center for research on onion and Garlic
  • We are in association with Central Potato Research Institute for National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) and for Trails in Farms and Fields
  • Recognized by Indian Potato association, CPRI, ICAR,CIP,DAC and NHB for contribution in the specific area of Potato farming
  • Invited by Indian Horticulture Congress for deliberation on “Contract Farming : Status, its implications and future prospects”
  • Invited by Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) of the United Nations for inputs on National Medium Term Policy Framework on Horticulture in India
  • Invitation was extended to FOV by CII and Government of Madhya Pradesh to be a panelist during the panel discussion on “Transforming the Fortunes of Madhya Pradesh’s Food Processing Sector”.