Re-engineering within the food industry stands as a critical strategic essential for maintaining competitiveness and agility in response to the ever-changing marketplace.

At FOV, we leverage our extensive expertise to empower companies, enabling them to embrace adaptation, innovation, and the delivery of products that harmonize with consumer preferences, regulatory mandates, and sustainability objectives. Our comprehensive Re-engineering solutions are instrumental in enabling food enterprises to not only thrive within a swiftly evolving industry but also to deliver substantial value to their clientele.

Within our Re-engineering division, we employ cutting-edge solutions, including Scan-to-BIM, to facilitate the expansion, maintenance, or modification of projects, thereby enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. FOV’s profound impact on numerous leading food brands and startups has propelled many industry players toward achieving their next echelon of growth, driving a positive transformation within the food industry.



Scan to BIM holds significant importance in the food industry by providing precise digital representations of processing facilities.This technology aids in designing and optimizing layouts, ensuring compliance with food safety standards, and enhancing hygiene practices. It streamlines maintenance and renovation efforts, supporting uninterrupted operations. Furthermore, it contributes to energy efficiency assessments and compliance with regulatory requirements. Its helps in maximizing production efficiency and minimizing waste, while also improving inventory management.

Our innovative Scan to Bim solutions are backed up by the latest state-of-the-art equipment that not only enhance the design and construction of food facilities but also supports ongoing operations, compliance, and the industry’s pursuit of safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective practices, providing a valuable tool for food businesses striving to stay competitive and meet the demands of a changing world.


The evolution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has introduced a new dimension to project management in the Food Industry. From the foundational 3D BIM, which provides visual representations, to the advanced 7D BIM incorporating time, cost, and facility management each dimension adds value and efficiency to the process.

BIM modeling by FOV allows the creation and management of comprehensive 3D models of Food Manufacturing Units. These models, are rich in data and provide a collaborative platform for architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to work together effectively in the making of the plant as well as Maintenance and future expansions. The integration of BIM dimensions empowers the making of Food Manufacturing Plants to make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, minimize errors, and deliver projects with unmatched efficiency and sustainability.


Scan to CAD, also known as Scan to Computer-Aided Design, is a transformative technology that has found valuable applications in the food industry. The process involves the digitization of physical objects or spaces through 3D scanning technology and then converting the captured data into computer-aided design (CAD) models.

FOV offers Scan to CAD with the help of engineers and designers to make necessary adjustments and improvements in a virtual environment before the making of the actual plant.