Standardization of products and Applied Research

Standardization of Products
Fresh-O-Veg standardization services include:

  • Specification of raw material/handling of raw material
  • Recipe management
  • Development of QA and QC parameters for SOP
  • Development of SOP for process & process flow
  • Development of SOP for packaging and storage
  • Finished goods transportation protocal

Product Development

  • Understanding target group and geographical teste/ bite/ colour and packaging
  • Assistance of raw material in the geography
  • Development of product with multiple technology
  • Appropriate of teste/ bite/ colour with technology
  • Development of NPD centre
  • Shelf life testing
  • Recipe development and process How to Use a Bowflex for Bodybuilding | order variations of the french press insulin for bodybuilding can kill protocal

Applied research
Focus on continuous research along with development of agriculture practices in India is imperative to reaping long-term benefits from the agro industry. Problems critical to farmers need to be addressed in a more scientific manner. While many of technologies were in existence, their proper utilization could not take place due to lack of knowhow and adaptability to farmer’s needs.

Fresh-O-Veg, over the years, has interfaced with government bodies like Planning Commission, APEDA, M.P Agro, NHB, Central Potato Research Institute, Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research, to propel valuable research into agriculture practices.

Along with patronage and support from senior scientists, corporations and bankers, Fresh-O-Veg is recognized as a premier name for applied research activities.
Fresh-O-Veg carries out extensive studies in following domains:

  • Practical and effective implementation of technology
  • Research natural resources
  • Market-driven research activities
  • Device new agriculture strategies
  • Test products and equipments
  • Enable proper farmer feedback