Trading activity

Fresh-O-Veg started with supplying right quality potatoes to packaged snack food industry. This was a massively successful venture. The team did more research in trading of several other premium quality fruits and vegetables like:

  • Potato: Sugar free for long-term storage, for regular consumption, export quality for baking & mashing and premium seeds
  • Onion: Long-term storage quality, specialized onions and high TSS onions
  • Chillies: Red and Green with focus on standardizing chillies hotness and colour
  • Tomatoes: For processing and regular market
  • Gourd family vegetables
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelons, muskmelon, papaya

As on date, we are proudly called as masters in Procurement and trading of Potatoes. We have an excellent team who has in-depth knowledge of this particular food crop. The team has excellence in growing patterns and understanding good and bad climatic conditions of crop. They are fully aware about regions where the production of crop is high. We ensure availability of any volume of potatoes , you require for continuing your production.  Other than that, the team is also equipped with all information about storage, transportation, logistics and selling of potatoes across Pan India.

Our Research Work on Potatoes:

What makes Potato good investment?

Potato is the world’s fourth important food crop after wheat, rice and maize owing to its great yield potential and high nutritive value and accounts for nearly half of the world’s annual output of all root and tuber crops. Thus, with an annual global production of about 300 million tones, potato is an economically important staple crop in both developed and developing countries.

Why is Potato a wise investment for an Indian trader?

India is ranked third in potato production after China and the Russian Federation. Potato is cultivated in India under highly diversified agro-climatic conditions ranging from sea level to snowline. Potato is mainly a Rabi crop and is grown in UP, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

Variations in the domestic average production of potato based on yields and price realization. Upcountry demand of potato from major cities and food processing industries. The potato price tends to firm up during the planting period and eases down during the harvesting period. Potato growers and traders hoard the commodity before selling in expectation of better prices. Potato can be kept in cold storages without spoilage for 6-8 months.