Entrepreneur Development program

Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to make positive global changes while remaining profitable. They have the power to change lives and livelihoods in the communities and countries where they operate.
Fresh-o-veg works to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.
Fresh-o-Veg aims to target such young people, who have sound financial background, the drive and enthusiasm to enter into the business world but lack the direction and ideas for doing the same. We as a consultant for agri and food processing sector, aim to hire such individuals who want to invest and grow their career in this field providing them the required and sound knowledge in the area.
While most of the Entrepreneurship training institutes focus on teaching basic concepts of Science, Mathematics, Engineering and technology, we believe in making students and budding entrepreneurs understand how to apply these skills in practical life and businesses.

FOV training methodology

Fresh-o-veg team works on polishing the skills of young entrepreneurs in following areas.

  • Understanding of Technology and other Basics associated with starting a unit
  • Interface of execution of Project Engine, Operations etc.
  • Interaction with Project Owners and work de-facto as an executive assistant to the project owner.
  • Interaction with vendors and negotiations with them
  • Understanding of Manufacturing Processes
  • Conducting necessary Research reports like technical, agro reports or market studies.
  • On site understanding and observation of processes
  • learning of FSSAI requirements, DIC compliances and other legal compliances
  • Learning and Monitoring of Financials, financial closure etc.
  • Understanding of Market Analysis, Logistics, Sales and Distribution, Business Strategy.
  • Building Team Player attitude, assisting senior members in project research reports.