Strategic Consultancy

Product identification and profiling

  • We help identfy specific target markets and product mix like chip manufacturing, extruded, bakery, sweets etc. within food industry. Given an in-depth understanding with the knowhow to create a product in terms of touch and feel, taste, shape, packaging etc.
  • Client profiling, identification and development of business model.

Technical requirement assessment

  • With more than 2 decades of experience in advisory services for food business, Fresh-O-Veg has gained wide small, mid or large scale business and its requirement. Sitebasic layout based on the sclae of the product, processing unit design and assessment of engineerign requirement. Selection of all process and association machinery and equipment synchroniaztion, engineering and procurement of raw material

Raw material assessment

  • Raw material is the foundation of finished food product. Team of expert help to access raw material availability, development strategies for qualitative and quantitative development of local geography, local sourcing, handling nethods and logistics

Location of plant and requirement complaince

  • Team FOV assist the client in identification of plant location, with plant to market, raw material, utility services, legal affairs and market forces.